PROJECT: Transparencies
SCOPE OF WORK: vinyl cover, exhibition design, flags, masks
CLIENT:Research and Waves
YEAR: 2020
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany

The curatorial art collective Research and Waves presents their fourth vinyl release in an exhibition format. The record “Transparencies” was developed in collaboration with Berlin-based artists Nicolás Rosero and Carlos Pablo Villamizar. Featuring works by 7 international artists, poets, scientists and designers, the record offers a look at the concept of “Transparency” from a variety of cultural, creative and scientific perspectives. The topics reach from human intimacy, neuroscience and artificial intelligence to digital surveillance and colonial histories and public space. In conversation with the curatorial team, the contributors synthesised their interpretation of the theme within their audio pieces and a cover artwork.During the exhibition at feldfünf, Research and Wavespresent a program of performances, installations, lectures, artworks and workshops.“Transparencies [0.4,y,0.75]” featuring work by: Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Sam Conran, Patrick Cruz, Nicolás Gravel, Galina Kruzhilina, Louise Vind Nielsen, Fritz Laszlo Weber