PROJECT: Reverse Side of the Road’20
SCOPE OF WORK: event identity, poster, merchandise
YEAR: 2020
LOCATION: St.Petersburg

REVERSE SIDE OF THE ROAD — IT'S AN ANNUAL GRAVEL RACE, A THREE-DAY CAMPING SITE AND AN INFORMAL CYCLING FESTIVAL IN THE FOREST IN THE NORTH OF THE LENINGRAD REGION. About 150 km of forests, gravel and dirt roads with fords, concrete areas and a minimum amount of asphalt. A three-day tent camp in the forest on the shore of a picturesque lake with a thoughtful zoning for recreation, cooking and entertainment. Concerts, lectures and DJ sets, group gatherings around the campfire with a large number of key figures of the bikepacking movement (influencers, enthusiasts, editors of the best social media, equipment manufacturers, leaders of various clubs and movements). REVERSE SIDE OF THE ROAD — more than just a race. Sincere emotions, adventures, challenge and overcoming yourself, it's a way out of the comfort zone.