PROJECT: Persona
SCOPE OF WORK: artwork
CLIENT:After school club
YEAR: 2020
LOCATION: Offenbach

Publication designed during workshop by Isabel Seiffert that was based on a novel by Siri Hustvedt “The Blazing World”. “Book is about a female artist who is super frustrated with the art world in New York,” Isabel tells It’s Nice That. The novel tells the story of the wife of a famous art collector ignored as a spouse and a woman. Until, “at some point, she decides to take three living men as her masks to exhibit and promote her work, to see what the reactions are depending on the personality of the artist,” the designer continues. “It was work she was always doing but the perception of it became so different. I found this really interesting because part of that you can still see in design, many fields really. You connect these attributes to gender. Men are creative or a genius, women are emotional and hesitant.” Isabel tells It’s Nice That. Taking the novel as her base, Isabel’s workshop played with masks in both the personal and graphic design sense.